The Secret of Successful Korean MMOs

Have you noticed that female characters are wearing less and less in Korean 18+ MMOs? Take the currently hottest MMO, TERA, for example, both Lolitas and mature females are covered with few clothes. Apart from revealing female characters, such games must also be endorsed by sexy spokesmodels, just like popular Dragona Online, which Japanese AV star Aoi Sora acts as a spokesmodel for.

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spokesmodel: Aoi Sora

In the current diversified online game market, the reason why such games can attract a great many players is that they are developed aiming at adults. 18+ games can not only firmly grab the existing users, but also fascinate more adults thanks to their unrestricted game content.


According to a part of players, TERA, Dragona Online and some other adults-only games render more naked female characters based on excellent graphics so as to draw more adult males, TERA in particular. As long as players zoom in, they can even clearly see the skin of female characters, which is a strong appeal to most adult male players, though no more details can be seen.


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