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[2012-09-03] Dragon Nest T4 Artillery Skill Build Guide by Minty [2012-09-02] Dragon Nest T4 Destroyer Skill Build (Level 60 Cap) by Opal [2012-08-29] DN Adept PvP/PvE Skill Builds by Yak [2012-08-21] Dragon Nest KR Adept Build/Guide by Rough [2012-08-21] Dragon Nest ShootingStar Guide by GunnerBaby [2012-08-20] cDN T4 PvE/PvP Smasher Skill Build by Azure [2012-08-20] Korea Dragon Nest – Royal’s Dark Summoner Guide [2012-08-14] DN KR Destroyer stats, videos and screenshots [2012-08-12] cDN Dark WindWalker T4 Skill Build by xKami [2012-08-10] Dragon Nest Smasher Skill Builds (Earser in Bishop) [2012-08-09] Dragon Nest Moonlord Skill Build by Kasdeya [2012-08-01] DN T4 Elestra Skill Build by Snow (rise of the flame, down of the ice) [2012-07-30] Yak’s DN Adept Skill Builds [Updated for lvl 60 cap/T4] [2012-07-23] Totoro’s Full Support Saint Build (Level 50 and 60) [2012-07-23] Dragon Nest T4 PvE Dark Smasher Skill Build by Saurus [2012-07-22] Dragon Nest T4 Elestra Skill Build by Saurus [2012-07-22] Dragon Nest T4 Seleana Skill Build [2012-07-17] cDN Level 60 Guardian and Crusader Skill Builds for T4 by Trunet [2012-07-16] cDN Majesty skill build for T4 by Chaose [2012-07-16] Dragon Nest PVE Shooting Star Level 60 Build [2012-07-16] cDN PvE Gear Master T4 Skill Build [2012-07-15] DN T4 Level 60 cap Windwalker Skill Build [2012-05-17] Paladin Skill Build Crusader Type [2012-05-10] Level 40 Engineer Gear Master Type Skill Build [2012-04-30] Starley’s Shooting Star PVE Build + Guide [2012-03-07] Green Gragon Nest Raid Video From Alchemist View And Skill Building [2012-02-23] Yak’s Adept Build [2012-02-05] Ice Stacking Effect? [2012-01-31] Elemental Lord Skill Changes (Part 1) [2012-01-23] Farming in No Time – PVM DPS Guide for FU by Sakasen [2012-01-19] lv50 Acrobat -> Wind Walker skill build by Gateoo [2012-01-15] ★ kirei’s Seleana DPS/PVE/NEST Skill Build (Hybrid) [2012-01-04] [TL] xKami’s Saleana 1300 Final Damage build [2011-12-29] All about Lv40 Ultimates! [2011-12-19] About The Duo-Ultimate System [2011-12-17] Koinzell(GigaVolt)’s Inquisitor DPS / Support Hybrid Build (PVE) [2011-12-09] [Video]Gear Master vs Tempest with No Robot No Turret [2011-12-08] Totoro’s Crusader PVE/SDN Build [2011-12-07] Crusade 1 Leads 7 Sea Dragon Slaying Videos & Skill Build [2011-11-29] DN: The Ultimate Moonlord Hybrid Guide [2011-11-16] Beaten through Space and Time – FU PVP Guide [2011-11-10] xKami’s Tempest Build (Complete) [2011-11-07] Dragon Nest: Mesmer’s PVE Smasher Build [2011-11-07] Macchi’s Optimized Inquisitor Build [2011-11-07] ★ Kasdeya Moonlord Skill Build v1.1 [2011-11-07] EAT THIS! – Almighty’s MoonLord Skill Build [2011-11-02] DN: Kyronos’s PVE Full Magical Moonlord Guide! [2011-11-01] Megido’s Hybird Saint Build for PVE and PVP (Protection and Guildwar) [2011-11-01] xKami’s Elestra hybrid build [Complete] [2011-11-01] Research and Details on Majesty/Force User Skill [updated with SA break table ] [2011-11-01] Fox’s Guardian 50 lvl Solo PVE build [2011-10-31] Dragon Nest: PvE Gear Master Skill Build (Academic) [2011-10-30] Dragon Nest: Saurus Fire Elestra / Seleana Build [2011-10-26] A Song of Ice and Fire – Hybrid All-purpose Elestra Build [2011-10-23] Freezing’s PVP Elestra Guide [2011-10-23] Minty’s Artllery’s Guide [2011-10-19] Post Z-Mode FU build(FULL PVE) [2011-10-10] Kirei’s Windwalker Build (duo-ultimate) [2011-10-04] Megido’s Hybird Saint Build for PVE and PVP (Protection and Guildwar) [2011-09-30] Succubus (Priest>Saint Build) Extra Hybrid FS+DPS build [2011-09-26] Saurus Seleana Build [2011-09-26] Offensive, Supportive, Hybrid Builds for Inquisitor & Saints! [2011-09-20] [Guide]How do I shot bow (Bowmaster/Sniper PVE) [2011-09-19] Have at thee! The Ace Gladiator Build! [2011-09-15] Elodie’s lv50 Sniper Party Build (PVE oriented) [2011-09-12] Xian’s Bow Master/Sniper Guide [2011-09-06] Moonlord Magic SM With Hybrid Build [2011-09-06] xFearless Crusader Skill Build [2011-09-05] Koinzell’s DPS Barbarian PVE Build [2011-08-25] T3 Bow Master PVP Combo Show and Skill Build [2011-08-22] [Video]Ultimate Damage Sniper’s Sea Dragon Skill Build [2011-08-01] Chaos PVE Majesty Guide [2011-08-01] Destroyer/Hammer Merc skill build/guide by Ganondorf (Rem) [2011-07-28] Mr. K Barbarian PVE and SDN Skill Build [2011-05-22] Mr. K Mercenary Skill Build & Gears [2011-05-22] T3 Pika’s Pure Milk Priest Build [2011-05-09] DN China – 18th May Update: Z-Mode & Ladder Mode [2011-04-05] The Next Dragon Nest: Skill Effect & Video!! [2011-01-13] Walkthroughs on Apocalypse Nest in Dragon Nest, Boss Dodge Ways Attached [2011-01-13] Clerics Decline but Archers & Sorceresses Rise in Dragon Nest: Apocalypse [2010-08-30] Skill Build – Full Support Priest [2010-08-30] Skill Build – Paladin infinite combo and PVP skill build [2010-08-12] Skill Build – Cleric – Light Style Priest [2010-08-12] Skill Build – Cleric – Paladin [2010-08-12] Skill Build – Sorceress – Dark + Time controlling style force user [2010-08-12] Skill Build – Sorceress – Elemental Lord Hybrid Build [2010-08-11] Skill Build – Archer – Kick Style Acrobat Skill Build [2010-08-11] Skill Build – Archer – Longbow physical Bow Master skill build [2010-08-10] Skill Build – Warrior – Howl Style Mercenary Skill Build [2010-08-10] Skill Build – Warrior – Player-made Sword Master Skill Build [2010-08-10] Skill Build – Warrior – Lv40 Sword Master PvP skill build [2010-08-09] Skill Build – Warrior – Three Style Sword Master

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