[Guide] Collection of Skill Build, Guide and Information

Skill Build

Synchro’s Barbarian Construct
Mr. K Barbarian PVE and SDN Skill Build
Ganondorf Destroyer / Hammer Mercenary Build

Sword Master:
Heartless Moonlord Create
50-Tiger Moonlord Construct
Carther &amp Asena Moonlord Develop

Appropriate Usage of Line Drive and Hacking Stance in PVP

Force User:
Chaos Majesty PVE Skill Develop
Sething DPS Majesty PVE Skill Create

Force User Power Reflection Mirror Guide
Study &amp Details of Majesty/Force User abilities

Elemental Lord:
Snow Elestra PVP Skill Create
Kel Saleana PVE Skill Create
PeachyTea Salena Skill Construct

Beyonds Elemental Lord Skill Build
PeachyTea Elemental Lord Skill Develop
Investigation &amp Particulars of Elemental Lord Expertise

Bow Master:
Mon Sniper Skill Develop
Xian Sniper PVP/PVE Skill Develop

Almighty Tempest PVP Construct
Gateeo Wind Walker Construct

Almighty Acrobat Skill Develop

Heartless Guardian PVP/PVE Create
Goat Guardian PVE Create
Thor Guardian Create
Fearless Crusader Skill Build

Trunet Hybrid Paladin PVE create

Pika Saint Build
Healmepls Saint Create
Succubus Saint Create

Totoro’s Priest Milk &amp Support Construct

Information &amp Guide

Sea Dragon Nest Guide
Archbishop Nest Manual
Bishop Nest and Weapon
Tertiary Job Details
Title Collection Booklet

Expertise impacted by Dark Elemental Attack
Crucial and Vital Resist – Mechanics
Final Harm – Calculation &amp Mechanics
What is Delay, Delay Resist, Stun &amp Stun Resist?
What is Superamor and Superarmor Destruction?
Elemental Resist &amp Elemental Injury Calculation
Choices of Injury Boosting
MP Regen – Calculation &amp Mechanics

Crucial Consumables Crafting Materials List

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