FarmVille 2: Country Escape Review

Farmville 2: Country Escape is a mobile version of Farmville that maintains the premium lineage of the franchise and is optimized for the touchscreen operation and on-the-go play style. You can now switch to your lovely country escape anytime.

Farmville 2: Country Escape is a truly stylish and immersive farming game full of charm and personality. It depicts beautiful rural sceneries with high-end graphics, jovial animation and vivid sound effects. You can see the wheat waves and the happy kicking of animals while hearing the dragging moo, crisp chirps and water gurgling. The world simply immerses you immediately and then keeps you occupied with endless chores.

Farmville 2 Country Escape Screenshot Farm FarmVille 2: Country Escape Review

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PAX East 2014 Coverage Recap

Games in this Article: Infinite Crisis, Guild Wars 2, Dawngate, Nosgoth, Duel of Champions, Project Cyber, Magicka: Wizard Wars

banner pax east PAX East 2014 Coverage Recap

PAX East 2014 came and went but we have plenty of insider discussions with developers across the board of online gaming. Catch our full PAX East coverage all in one place, right here!

Orcs Must Die Unchained

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Betawatch: April 12 – 18, 2014

trove1 Betawatch: April 12   18, 2014

This week, Trion expanded Trove’s “adventurer” supporter tier, which costs $ 20, to include instant access to the game’s ongoing alpha test. What else is new in the world of MMO betas this week?

  • Shards posted a survey for hopeful alpha test candidates (thanks, Siphaed!).
  • WildStar showed off new body customization options in its latest round of beta.
  • Face of Mankind’s open beta begins… today!
  • Swordsman joins our list with its closed beta signups.
  • Archlord 2 opened its closed beta registration earlier this week.
  • Landmark implemented a major building patch for its beta.
  • We streamed Origins of Malu’s alpha with the developer team.
  • Icarus Online’s Korean open beta got a video preview.
  • HEX announced its closed beta will begin on April 23rd.
  • Monkey King Online soft-launched into open beta.
  • CasinoRPG, which does call itself an MMORPG, officially moved from beta to launch on April 16th.

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The Elder Scrolls Online Launches Craglorn Teaser Site

ZeniMax has just launched a sub-site for The Elder Scrolls Online featuring Craglorn, the adventure zone that will serve as host for the MMORPG’s first major content update. Aimed at veteran groups, the zone promises new quests and delves for four-person groups, a plotline revolving around “the mystery of the missing constellations,” 12-man trials and leaderboards, and new gear.

the elder scrolls online 620 The Elder Scrolls Online Launches Craglorn Teaser Site

While the teaser site is light on new information and does ask you to click through yet another age-gate (yes, we all know you were born January 1st, 1900), it does feature some gorgeous artwork and the Craglorn trailer released earlier in the month. We’ve embedded it after the cut.

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Atlantica Online gets new class, dungeons, and more

Atlantica Online New mercenary Atlantica Online gets new class, dungeons, and more

Nexon has added new dungeons, a new merc, and a new class to Atlantica Online. The Empires of Gold update boasts dungeons including the Forgotten City of Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, the Golden City of El Dorado, and the Gold Empire of Defense.

Atlantica’s new class is the Celestial Hunter, “a fierce archer who can best any challenger with her bow and arrow skills.”

We’ve embedded the update trailer for you after the break!

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The Fifth Week of the Paypal Gaming Sale

Xbox Live Gold subscription 55% off and huge discounts for popular games and gadgets.

Paypal along with it’s partners have started the fifth out of eight promotional events included in an international initiative called Paypal Gaming Sale. During these events customers get a chance to buy games at incredibly low prices, take advantage of huge discounts for Xbox Live and subscriptions for popular MMO titles. All current offers are available at this address.

paypal gaming sale 620 The Fifth Week of the Paypal Gaming Sale

The newest part of this event features a 55% discount on a 12-month Xbox Live subscription, 85% discount on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, 75% off on Worms Ultimate Mayhem. Cyberpunk lovers can buy Deus Ex: Human Revolution for €1.99, fans of long range combat can try their skill in Sniper: Ghost Warrior for €1.99. Kindhearted gamers can support Save the Children charity event and get Rogue Legacy if they decide to pay $ 3.5.

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