The Think Tank: Giving thanks for MMOs

pilgrimsbounty The Think Tank: Giving thanks for MMOs

Indulge us a little today, won’t you? In our Think Tank today, we the Massively writers gather ’round the virtual feasting table on our virtual golden yacht to express thanks for those MMO-related things we’re grateful for. Won’t you share yours down in the comments also? We can get back to arguing over raidmills and gankboxes tomorrow — I promise.

xanatoli.jpg.pagespeed.ic. 0t  Y2vkB The Think Tank: Giving thanks for MMOs
@ceruleangrey: I’m thankful for having so many good games to play that I don’t have time to play them all (it’s both a blessing and a curse). And I’m especially thankful for my friends and co-workers who make playing MMOs and writing about them an absolute joy.

xwrupbree.jpg.pagespeed.ic.0tBbnZ1whw The Think Tank: Giving thanks for MMOs
@nbrianna: I’m thankful for my crazy job, my wonderful guildies, my dear writers, and my provocative readers. I’m thankful for the blogosphere that inspires me, the players who stay to make MMOs a better place to live, and the developers who craft and break the genre I refuse to give up on. I’m thankful for my fingers that keep me typing and my wrist that keeps me mousing through all the virtual spaces in our games. I’m thankful for all the MMOs that have taught me so much and helped make me who I am. Above all else, I’m thankful for my keyboard, which is kind enough not to leave too deep an imprint on my forehead when after some MMO playthroughs I fall asleep or facepalm right into it. #kiddingnotkidding. Here’s to MMOs!

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Bungie’s COO thinks Destiny and games like it are hard to review

414341 Bungies COO thinks Destiny and games like it are hard to review

Bungie continues to hype its Destiny shooter post-launch, with the latest bit of messenging courtesy of COO Pete Parsons and an interview at

p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Bungies COO thinks Destiny and games like it are hard to review

WoW Moviewatch: Tree of Life

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Superdata CEO: F2P audience has ‘reached its limits’

superdata+logo+2 Superdata CEO: F2P audience has reached its limits

SuperData CEO Joost van Dreunen spoke yesterday at the GameON: Finance conference in Toronto. He posited that the F2P monetization model is declining in popularity. “So I think what’s really happening is on the one hand you have the free-to-play audience, and I think that’s reached its limits, to some degree,” van Dreunen said. “And then there’s the premium audience saying, ‘Yes, I want to buy a game. I don’t want to deal with the ads and in-game items. I want premium.’ While in the mobile market, three-quarters of stuff is built with free-to-play as its dominant monetization model, you see somewhat of a backlash.”

He cited Apple’s recent decision to remove the word “free” from F2P App Store titles, and he also mentioned Warlords of Draenor’s success as an indicator of healthy demand for paid titles.

p 89EKCgBk8MZdE Superdata CEO: F2P audience has reached its limits

The Game Archaeologist: Perpetual’s Star Trek Online

sto1 The Game Archaeologist: Perpetuals Star Trek Online

If you’re among the legions of Trekkies, then you are almost certainly aware of Cryptic Studios’ Star Trek Online. Since early 2010, players have boldly gone where no one has gone before in this MMO that blends spaceship battles, ground combat, and faithful tie-ins to the long-running franchise. Star Trek Online appears to be thriving following a free-to-play adaptation and two expansions, and some see it as the only official continuation of the TV series right now.

But what players encounter in Star Trek Online is not what it originally started out as. You may or may not know that STO began development under Perpetual Entertainment, which handled the game for several years until it went bankrupt and passed the license and art assets to Cryptic.

It’s another tantalizing historical “what if?” scenario to think about what this game would look like if Perpetual had taken it to launch and beyond. But what did this version of Star Trek Online look like? Let’s investigate.

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Betawatch: November 15 – 21, 2014

Image1 Betawatch: November 15   21, 2014

Lineage Eternal wowed G-Star attendees with the news that it will beta in 2015 and hit its worldwide simultaneous launch in 2016. What else is new in the land of MMO testing?

  • Lost Ark captured our attention at G-Star; beta begins in 2015.
  • The newly announced SkySaga hinted that its closed alpha will arrive “very soon.”
  • Black Desert’s Korean launch is slated for December.
  • Trove’s open beta added a new class, the Candy Barbarian.
  • Stormthrone is now official in open alpha.
  • Elite: Dangerous, embroiled in a refund controversy, will launch Gamma 1 this weekend.
  • Bless Online revealed a new trailer just in time for its second beta.
  • Shards Online’s Kickstarter funded with 23 days to go.
  • Shroud of the Avatar preps for its Steam release.
  • Pathfinder Online continued to delay early enrollment.
  • Das Tal’s latest stress test kicks off tomorrow.
  • Pantheon raised eyebrows by moving to a Patreon for funding.
  • Albion Online’s alpha implemented farming.
  • Civilization Online offered up a Korean closed beta trailer.
  • The Crew pimped its console beta, which opens on November 25th.

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